G M R Acres

Miniature AMHA and AMHR Horse Farm

Located in Eastern Iowa,
we raise quality miniature horses for show,
driving, companionship, and for fun!


Come and visit us in AZ during winter months (Nov - Mar). We will have several horses with us in training over the winter. If you live in western US and are interested in one of our horses, we may be able to include them in our winter stable for closer shipping arrangements.

2015 World Champion Mare & Foal

Updated 6/3/2021

About GMR Miniatures

We have worked with many breeds of horses during our lives; riding horses for eventing and trail riding, and training and racing Standardbred harness horses. We still trail ride occasionally, but have given up the training and racing of harness horses.

As soon as our first grandson could walk (well maybe even before!) he was working with us in the barn grooming and riding on the jog cart while we trained our race horses.

We soon decided he needed something closer to his size to work with and found the perfect fit with the miniature horse breed.

Our grandchildren all learned to groom and clean hoofs, bathe, and drive horses by working with miniatures. Needless to say, we have fallen in love with the little breed.

We strive for a quality breed of miniatures. While most of our little ones have the conformation and breeding for the shows, we try to keep our prices low enough for a new owner to experience the personality of the miniature breed of horses.

George & Mary Ronek
GMR Miniatures
Mobile Call or Text: 563-357-6146 or 563-357-3308

Now at 2 Locations:
    > Maquoketa, IA
    > New River, AZ

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G M R Acres

Miniature AMHA and AMHR Horse Farm

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